Slots/Poker/Roulette (Unity)

Slots - Video Poker - Roulette games created in Unity 3.5 (2011-2012)

I did everything shown here from the Art, UI Design & Programming.

Casino Slots Game (Unity)
Slots game created in Unity & NGUI (8-in-one game). I did all the programming and & artwork, the entire development of the games.

Features include:

- 8 total slot games, each with a unique theme and art style (2 are pictured above)
- 1 bonus spin game (pictured above)
- 1X to 10X payaouts (with scrolling paytables)
- price of game is changeable by the user
- Lots of animated effects, coins & particles, animated backgrounds.
- Runs fast and efficiently, low poly all around 18-25 draw calls,
- Extensive stat tracking & options


Also featured is a PC Roulette game I created in Unity, did all the art, programming, and UI design. (3D/NGUI)



I have over 10 years experience working in the game industry in a range of roles from 3d artist to game programmer. I also have experience in many different aspects of game development including level design, UI, scripting and prototyping.

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and if you have any questions you can download my resume (PDF) or contact me using the link below.